2015 AGM Minutes


1. Presentation of Trophies

2 Thanks – were extended to Tiverton Golf Club by President Ian Drawbridge for their hospitality and organisation.

3 Apologies for absence were received from Mike Kirkham (Exeter);
John Buckley (Churston); Mike Martin (Yelverton); Geoff Green (Great Torrington); Harvie Taylor (Stover); Brian Stockton (Dinnaton);
Bryan Blaber (Yelverton); Chris Norman (Saunton) & Bob Underwood (Honiton).

4 Approval of the Minutes of the forty–fourth AGM – these were
approved. Proposed by Colin Stewart (Bovey Castle) and seconded by Adrian Granville-Smith (Saunton).Signed by President Ian Drawbridge.

5 Matters Arising – None.

6 Captains Report – Click Here

7 Hon.Secretary’s Report – Click Here

8 Hon. Treasurer’s Report – Click Here. Approved that the accounts as presented by the Hon Treasurer be accepted. Proposed by Adrian Granville-Smith (Saunton); seconded by John Faithful (Holsworthy).

9 Election of Officers for 2016 – Proposed by Brian Harris (Churston) and seconded by Bob Stone (RND) that the followingtake office in 2016:-

Peter Anglis Tavistock President
Mike Kirkham Exeter Vice President
Stuart MacKerrell Dainton Park Captain
Chris Henderson Tavistock Vice Captain
Bob Small Tavistock Honorary Secretary
David Bromage Sidmouth Honorary Treasurer
Chris Henderson Tavistock Honorary Assistant Secretary

9 Election of Auditors for 2016 – Proposed by Geoff Rees (Wrangaton) and seconded by Stuart MacKerrell (Dainton Park)that‘David Roberts and Terry Blackler of Sidmouth’ are appointed.

10 Election of Executive Committee Members for 2016-2018 – Proposed by John Faithful (Holsworthy) and seconded by Chris Henderson (Tavistock) that:-
Ian Drawbridge – Churston
Phil Keen – East Devon
become members of the Executive Committee.

Ian Drawbridge thanked Brian Harris and Moss Pearson for their great contribution over the yearsto the Executive Committee and the DMVGA.

11 Any Other Business –

11.1 – Emerton Court – the Hon. Secretaryread out a prepared statement – attached. In that statement he made two proposals:-
A That rule 2(iv) of the Emerton Court rules be changed to include the word ‘Devon’. This proposal was defeated and it was agreed that the rule remain unaltered.
B That Rule 34-1b/8 be adopted within the rules. Two options presented themselves for consideration:-
1 (b) Consider the disqualification penalty applicable only from the time of its discovery, thus giving (club) A’s next opponent a default. This was proposed by Derek Mott (Libbaton) and seconded by Chris Henderson (Tavistock). Defeated by16 votes to 15.
2 (c) Reinstate the club last eliminated (by the transgressor). Proposed by John Essery (DownesCrediton) and seconded by Bob Stone (RND). Carried by 16 votes to 11. The Hon. Secretary to make necessary changes to the rules.
Also it was agreed that the Hon. Secretary prepare a form to becirculated to all clubs prior
to the season which requires each Emerton Court Captain to complete the form with full
details of each player on that club’s team. Information required to include name, CDH
number, handicap and agreement that the club they are representing is their‘Home’ club
and, thus, at which their handicap is held.

Respective Captains to exchange such information prior to tee off in each and every match.
Discussion followed regarding further action against Yelverton; this was not approved. The matter now considered closed.

11.2 Following a submission by Teignmouth GC regarding the difficulty they are experiencing in arranging matches it was agreed that Teignmouth should offer Mondays as their preferred dates when playing at Teignmouth. This fact to be published at the time of the draw at the executive Committee meeting in January.

11.3 Retirement of Hon. Secretary at end of 2017 season – Bob Small has made this announcement in plenty of time for a replacement to be found. A job description will be available in due course and would be circulated to all clubs. He hoped that he would be able to remain on the Executive Committee in some form to assist the new Hon. Secretary.

11.4 The future of the DMVGA – the Hon. Secretary announced that a sub-committee had been set up to look at all areas relating to the future – this includes items such as handicapping; use of consistent logo across all items – clothing; headed paper, ties etc.; golf for all – including competitions for higher age groups – above 75 and/or 80.
Also competitions for lower handicappers.

11.5 Website – Adrian Granville-Smith made a short presentation and encouraged all to use the website as a means of understanding all that is going on within the DMVGA. He was thanked by President Ian Drawbridge for his work on this project.

12 Presentation of Ribbons of Office to President and Captain –
Ian Drawbridge presented the President’s Ribbon of Office to Peter Anglis. Peter Stuckey presented the Captain’s Ribbon of Office to Stuart MacKerrell.

There being no further business, the President closed the meeting at 19.45.