Hon Secretary’s Report

Hon. Secretary’s Report 2014 AGM

This first year has most certainly been a ‘baptism of fire’ for me; I remember Bob Keating being somewhat vague when I asked how much work was involved! Now I know why! So, at the end of this, my first season, what are my thoughts?
Firstly some apologies; the results service at The Spring Meeting was not up to scratch and we made some fundamental errors for which I apologise. These were corrected and we learned from that for future events. Next: I understand that there have been some observations about the firm line I’ve taken regarding late entries and late payments for events – our Treasurer will also refer to this in his report. If I have ever appeared to be rude or inconsiderate I apologise; however I stress that I’m carrying out your committee’s instructions on these matters and will continue to do so next year.

What have been the good points? Being able to help a lot of people enjoy themselves at their favourite past-time and seeing their pleasure at the end of the day – good round or bad! Making lots of new friends around the county –whether they see me as their friend is a debatable point! What about the bad points? Emails, oh those emails – so many of them morning, noon and night.

2014 Events

It has been most gratifying to receive all the entries which brought us to being over-subscribed on all the open events (we have had over 1000 golfers participate in events this summer) we countered this by increasing, where possible, the tee off times. Only the Autumn event actually saw us with a less than full field with a number of drop outs on the days leading up to the event at Yelverton. The team events were well supported with entries for the WMN at Sidmouth in advance of that which was expected. Entries for our matches v Cornwall, Kent, the Juniors and Devon Lady Vets have all been good but have required specific effort. Results of these matches have not been so good – with only the Ladies match to come tomorrow we have yet to win a match. There is, of course, the final of the Emerton Court between Staddon heights and Padbrook Park yet to be played next Monday.

2015 Events

All fixtures for next year have been finalised and copies are available for you here to take away. The committee has recommended a slight increase in the charge of the individual open events – a rise of just £1.00 from £19.00 – £20.00 which still gives great value. You will vote on this matter later in the meeting.
Finally can I thank all the club reps for their communications and support – without you, gentlemen, it just wouldn’t happen! Also my thanks go to the committee for their most pro-active support and advice – of which I have needed plenty! And of course my specific thanks to our outgoing Captain, Mike Kirkham, and our Assistant Secretary Chris Henderson; both of you have been so supportive and helpful and not a cross word has been spoken!