Hon Secretary’s Report

The Hon Secretary’s report for the annual meeting of the DMVGA
at Tiverton on Thursday, October 8, 2015.

This year’s activities has been overshadowed by the unfortunate issue relating to the Emerton Court competition of which I’m not going to say anything more in this report as a statement will be read out and, no doubt, further discussion will take place under item 10.1 on today’s agenda.
Otherwise we have had a successful year in many ways. We have had enrolled nearly 1,600 members most of whom I hope have had the opportunity to take part in the open events, team events or matches.

Nearly all the open events were well oversubscribed; however with judicial time keeping and the varying clubs’ agreements to earlier than normal tee off times, we have managed to minimise the ever contentious issue of balloting out of players. I don’t like doing it but, such is the popularity of the events and the good value they represent, it is unavoidable.I have to say though that I can’t recall any complaints about my actions on this front as I think all Reps understand the pressure it places on us and I thank you all for your forbearance.
In a summer of generally poor weather, the only casualty was the Spring Meeting at Libbaton; although it went ahead it did affect the numbers somewhat.
I have an apology to offer with regards to the Millennium Trophy and the mistake I made with regard to the handicapping arrangements – this was entirely my fault. However, when the adjustments were made, although the scores were slightly different I don’t think it made any material difference to the outcome of the competition.

I must thank all the Reps of the clubs we visited for their help and guidance in making the arrangements – all went very well on that front – thank you. I must also thank Chris Henderson, my Hon. Assistant Secretary for all his help in the general arrangements; he’s very self-effacing in such matters but his help is very much appreciated by me.
Your Captain has already made reference to the success we had in the matches with victories against Cornwall, Kent and the Devon Lady Vets – well done Peter! The match against Kent, at Churston this year, was particularly enjoyable – what a grand bunch of chaps; a match that was in danger of falling into disrepair not so very long ago, is now on a strong footing and we’re looking forward to our trip to Kent on the 5th, 6th& 7th July next year. I already have some names for this trip but will be trying to get this ‘put to bed’ if I can before Christmas or very early in the New Year in order to give everyone plenty of notice.

The match against the Juniors would appear to have been a heavy defeat but in fact a number of the games were extremely close; defeat against these lads is no disgrace. It is always a pleasure to host this event as we, the DMVGA, always make a donation of £200.00 to DCGU for specific use for Junior coaching or similar and this year Tiverton, under your Captain’s guidance, donated a further £200.00 to the DCGU, a very generous act. Golf was the winner.
There are two other issues which are to be reported later on the agenda – my own retirement from the post of Hon Secretary at the end of 2017 and the Future of the DMVGA. With increasing numbers of members coming into our ranks at 60 and our older colleagues being healthier and fitter than ever before, and thus playing longer, your Executive Committee has put into place a sub-committee to look at how we address these matters and a number of other matters which will be outlined in item 10.3 on the agenda.

Finally I must thank Peter Stuckey and Ian Drawbridge for their time, their input and their quiet council – it has made my year that much easier – thank you.

That Gentlemen is my report to you on the affairs of the DMVGA this year.