Hon Treasurers Report

Hon Treasurer’s report for the annual meeting of the DMVGA
at Tiverton on Thursday, October 8, 2015.

Membership Fees are down £200, which would indicate a fall of approx 80 Members.
Sales Of Clothing are the same as 2014 give or take £45.
Matches vs Cornwall and Kent show the biannual difference of £200 as acting hosts to Kent.
Income for the Competitions shows an increase of £250.
Refunds are considerably down (£200)
Merchandise purchases’, if combined with the Logo Ball equates to the previous year. Stationary costs were down. Vouchers slightly down as there was £150 in Hand from 2014.
Hon Secretary’s/Treasurer’s; and other Administrive and Travel Expenses virtually the same as 2014, as indeed the Honorariums.
Costs for Matches , obviously up as Hosts to Kent,There is a similar cost for the Juniors Match and slight increase for the Ladies Match ( Course Cost)
Quite surprisingly the overall cost for the Competitions is approximately the same after to-day’s competition.
There will be further costs etc. and there is an element of estimated figures e.g. for today, and that I do not receive a Bank Statement until the 8-9th month. I extimate that the year end will show a small increase in Bank Balance and we maintain a steady Balance Account.
Expediture Savings 2015:- Refunds Down £200; EC Costs Down £200;Vouchers down £150; Engraving £100; Merchandise as last year included Towels.