Hon. Treasurers’s Report

Hon Treasurers Report

AGM 5th October 2016

The Balance Sheet you have before you comprises of all the data available to me up until this AGM and is a little misleading as to what I anticipate will be the final Year End Accounts that will be offered for Audit. Attached is an estimated forecast for the Year End.

You will note that costs for this evening/ the EC Final and Ladies Match have not been available to me as obviously I have not been Invoiced. You will see on the attachment I have estimated those at circa  £1800.

Summarising the Income/Expenditure to date. Membership Income has risen by £115. Refunds are up 50%. Clothing Sales are down approx. 45% and you will note a drop in purchases. We have an order pending for the New Design Ties, which carry a minimum Order of 100 @ £8+.(£800)              Stocks of Shirts and Jumpers are also down some 50% and these will be replenished before the year end.( At circa £500). These items are indicated on your attachment. We are presently out of stock of Logo Golf Balls and are in the process of sourcing a new supplier.

Hon Secs and Treasurer’s expenses remain constant as do the M&S Vouchers and other Dispersments,  There is a moderate rise in Committee travel costs due to the important extra meetings of the Development Sub Comm.

The bi-annual match Away vs Kent results in a reduction in cost, which of course will bounce up next year when we are the hosts.

The strong demand for entry into the Competitions, which over all have provided the main source for the profit, namely in excess of £4,000.

With an estimate of over £5.500 in the Bank to conclude the Year the DMVGA is obviously in a financially comfortably place. As a non profit making Association it is almost an embarrassing situation.

I would not recommend any reduction in Membership Fees or Competition Entry Fees etc. as I’m always wary of the unknown, but certainly Members will be pleased to know that for yet another year there will be no recommendation for any increases and that the DMVGA continues to offer tremendous value for money.

In conclusion, I shortly reach my 75th Birthday and by the end of 2017 will have been acting as Hon Treasurer for the DMVGA for 10 years and would like to offer someone else the opportunity to take on the position. I will continue through 2017 and would be happy to discuss the work involved.

It is not an onerous task, only when monies are not received at the appropriate closing date.  Unfortunately, of late, Entries Fees have even arrived after the event !!  I make a strong request for Reps to address this issue, as much for the Treasurer as to our Hon. Secretary, and also in some cases to forward a single Cheque to cover one event instead of numerous individual ones. It can be a little time consuming but spread sheets make it a lot easier.

I ask that the meeting accept my Accounts, with the additional attachment as a guide to the projected Year End.


David Bromage

DMVGA  Hon. Treasurer