Founder Member of the DMVGA

Gordon Emerton-Court
1906 – 2003

Still a single figure handicap golfer in the late 60’s, and with the high demand for golf as a leisure activity together with new clubs not being able to arrange matches with older clubs, Gordon formed the Devon Men Veteran Golfers Association in 1970 whilst he was a member of the Churston Golf Club in Devon.  In the mid 90’s, after having moved back to Kent, he found a similar situation at his local Golf Club – the Littlestone Golf Club. The Association of Kent Veteran Golfers was founded by him in October 1995.
The Emerton-Court Trophy is today a prized event – both in Devon and in Kent.    Presented in 1975 by our founder Gordon Emerton-Court, and played for from 1976 onwards, for an inter-Club four ball better ball matchplay competition, of five pairs per side, between DMVGA member Clubs. Initially, matches were one-off games on the “home team’s” course or on a neutral course as agreed between the two Clubs. Nowadays, each round up to the final is played on a home and away basis with the overall score after both games determining the winner. The final is always played on a neutral course over 18 holes and currently Churston remains the traditional venue (Churston as it was Gordon Emerton-Court’s home Club). . The winning Club receive the Trophy (an old fashioned pewter measuring mug from the Emerton-Court family on a wooden stand made by Gordon Emerton-Court himself) which they keep for one year and the individual players each receive a medal.