2017 AGM Minutes





      1.       Presentation of Trophies
      2.       The President, Mike Kirkham, asked that thanks should be extended to Tavistock GC for their course preparation, their catering and for the use of the facilities for the AGM.
      3.       Apologies for absence were received from:-      Gerry Turner (Axecliff); Tony Messenger (Bigbury); Brian Harris (Churston); Eric Parkes (Downes Crediton); Tony Williams (Honiton); Brian Stockton (Ivybridge/Dinnaton); Dave Darch (Portmore); Adrian Granville-Smith (Saunton); Ray Gunston (Sidmouth); Keith Jillard (Sparkwell); Peter Farmer (The Warren); Geoff Rees (Wrangaton); Keith Stokes (Yelverton);
      4.       Approval of the Minutes of the Forty Sixth AGM – these were approved.     Proposed by Chris Henderson (Tavistock) and seconded by Ian Drawbridge (Churston).
      5.       Matters arising – none from the previous minutes.
      6.       Captain’s Report – attached.
      7.       Secretary’s Report – attached.
      8.       Treasurer’s Report – attached.  Proposed by Peter Stuckey (Tiverton) and    seconded by Colin Stewart (Bovey Castle) that the accounts be accepted.     Approved.
      9.       Election of Officers for 2018 – Proposed by Ian Drawbridge (Churston) and seconded by Charles Wray (Fingle Glen) that the following take office in 2018:-
        Peter Stuckey                 Tiverton                   President
        Stuart MacKerrell          Dainton Park          Vice President
        Harvie Taylor                 Stover                      Captain
        Phil Keen                        East Devon             Vice Captain
        David Bromage             Sidmouth                Honorary TreasurerPresident
        (a)      Mike Kirkham then invited Hon. Secretary Bob Small to speak about the posts of the Hon. Secretary and the Hon. Assistant Secretary.
        (b)      BS outlined that, until two or three days before the AGM, he had been going to step down to the position of Hon. Assistant Secretary with the existing Hon. Assistant Secretary becoming the Hon. Secretary.  Owing to circumstances this was not now going to happen with the proposed Hon. Secretary post-holder not taking up the post.
        (c)      BS explained that he was willing to continue as the Hon. Secretary but sharing the role with Chris Henderson who will administrate and organise the competitions. BS will administrate and organise the membership; the trip to Kent and all other matches; the DMVGA Emerton-Court competition and other general secretarial duties.
        (d)      MK thanked both CH and BS for stepping into the breach at such short notice.
        (e)      Proposed by Ken Todd (Woodbury Park) and seconded by David Grieve (Tiverton) that the above arrangements should be adopted.
        (f)       Ratification of Chris Henderson’s appointment to the post of Past Captain proposed by Phil Keen (East Devon) and seconded by Peter Stuckey (Tiverton).
      10.       Election of Auditors for 2018: –  Proposed by Harvie Taylor (Stover) and            seconded by Charles Wray (Fingle Glen) that ‘David Roberts and Terry Blackler of Sidmouth’ be appointed.     Approved.
      11.       Election of Executive Committee Members for 2018 – 2020: – Adrian Granville-Smith (Saunton) and Peter Lawrence (Bigbury) have both completed their terms as Executive Committee Members and stand down from the Committee. There being no nominations for the two posts of Executive Committee Members, Mike Kirkham put himself forward as one post holder. The other post-holder could be a co-opted member.    David Grieve (Tiverton) and Stuart Martin (Exeter) continue up to and including 2019. David Grieve to advise the Committee on matters relating to the rules of golf and DMVGA rules.           Phil Keen (East Devon) and Ian Drawbridge (Churston) to continue up-to and including 2018.      Proposed by Bob Small (Tavistock) and seconded by Peter Stuckey (Tiverton) that the above serve on the Executive Committee.
      12.        Any Other Business: –
        The creation of a new Officer’s post on the Executive Committee –             that of IT Officer. Proposed by Phil Keen (East Devon) and seconded by Ian Drawbridge (Churston)
        (b)      Appointment of IT Officer – Nomination Adrian Granville-Smith (Saunton). Proposed by Ken Todd and seconded by Bob Small (Tavistock).
        (c)      Approval of revised DMVGA Rules – Proposed by MK seconded by PS.
        (d)      DMVGA Emerton-Court proposals – a number of proposals were tabled by Dainton Park; RND, Yelverton and Libbaton.  MK proposed that all of these should be considered by the Sub-Committee; in doing so the Sub-Committee should put together a questionnaire to be circulated to all club Reps for completion and return to the Hon. Secretary. The findings of the questionnaire to be circulated to all clubs. Agreed.
        (e)      Balloting Out – BS reported that during the close season he is going to analyse the full details of all clubs and individuals who have played in competitions in 2017. He hoped when that analysis is complete a transparent and fair system can be introduced.  It was noted that only once in 2017 was balloting out used – this because every effort has been made to increase tee-times at events, thus allowing fields of up to 160/170.
        (f)      Reps Meetings – BS, in his Hon. Secretary’s report, had praised and congratulated the Reps for their work. However, times are changing and with more IT involvement and new Reps taking up their roles in the new year it was seen as important that Reps’ meetings should be held to help induct new Reps and help existing Reps with IT matters and related issues.  There will be two such meetings, one in the north and one in the south during January/February.
      13.       For information of all Reps and Members – In accordance with Rule 9 Subscriptions of the DMVGA Rules of the Association’ it should be noted that membership fees have been increased from £2.50 to £3.00.     Additionally DMVGA match fees have been increased form £12.00 to £15.00 in 2018, increasing by £1.00 per year to a maximum of £20.00 in 2023.
        These were proposed by Colin Walmsley (Holsworthy) and seconded by Harvie Taylor (Stover).
      14.       Presentation of Ribbons of Office to President and Captain. – Outgoing           President Mike Kirkham (Exeter) presented the chain of office to Peter Stuckey (Tiverton).         Chris Henderson (Tavistock) presented the chain of office to           incoming Captain Harvie Taylor (Stover).      There being no further business the meeting was declared closed by the President at 19.45