The Association shall be called the Devon Men Veteran Golfers Association (DMVGA) and the object shall be to promote, maintain and increase the interest of Members in golf and other social activities.
      2. MEMBERS
        Members of the Association shall be aged 60 or over and shall be bona-fide Members of Devon Golf Clubs affiliated to Devon Golf Limited.
      3. OFFICERS 
        The Officers of the Association shall be the President, Vice-President, Past Captain, Captain, Vice-Captain, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Membership and Assistant Secretary and IT Officer. They shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and take office on the 1st January following and shall serve for one year.
        (a)   The affairs of the Association shall be managed by an Executive Committee (hereinafter called the Committee) consisting of the Officers and six Elected Members from six Devon Golf Clubs. Five Members of the Committee shall form a quorum. Any vacancies occurring during the year may be filled by the Committee.
        (b)   The Elected Members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and those who have served for a period of three years immediately prior to such an AGM shall retire in rotation but shall be eligible for re-election along with any other nominated candidates.
        (c)   Sub-Committees may be formed from the Committee for any purpose. The Honorary Secretary may attend any Sub-Committee meetings. The Committee or Sub-Committees may co-opt members.
        (d)   Each Club shall elect a Representative who shall be responsible for the administration and correspondence of his Club. He may be invited to attend meetings as and when necessary.
        (e)   The Honorary Secretary shall keep full minutes of all meetings of the Association and produce them at every meeting. The Honorary Treasurer shall prepare the annual accounts to the 31st December which will be audited and presented at the following AGM.
        All meetings of the Association and the dates and times thereof shall be decided by the Committee.
        At least two meetings of the Committee shall take place in each year ending on 31st December. One of these shall be held shortly before the AGM. The Captain shall take the Chair and have the casting vote if necessary.
        (a)   The Annual General Meeting shall be held at the Captain’s Invitation Meeting unless decided otherwise by the Committee. Extraordinary Meetings may be called at any time by the Committee or by the Honorary Secretary on receipt of a written application to him by any twenty Members stating the purpose of the meeting. The President shall take the Chair at these meetings and have the casting vote if necessary. Twenty Members shall form a quorum.
        (b)   Clubs or Members wishing to bring matters for discussion or proposals to the AGM should submit details in writing, to be received by the Honorary Secretary at least 14 days prior to the AGM.
        (c) Voting will be restricted to one vote per club attending the AGM.
        On the recommendation of the Committee a Member who has performed valuable service to the Association may be elected to Life Membership at the AGM.  Election requires a two-thirds majority of those present and voting. A Life Member shall be entitled to all the privileges of full membership but shall not be required to pay an annual subscription.
        The annual subscription shall be payable on 1st January each year, the amount being decided by the Committee. It shall be collected by the Club Representative and forwarded to the Honorary Secretary before 1st March when the Membership list will be finalised for qualification for the DMVGA Emerton-Court Trophy competition. Those Members who may wish to join at a later date would be eligible to play in the other events offered by this Association.

        No rules of the Association shall be repealed or altered unless approved by two-thirds of the Members present and voting thereon at the AGM. All doubts regarding the meaning and construction of the Rules shall be referred to the Committee whose decision shall be final.
      11. AUDITORS
        Two Auditors shall be elected at each AGM.
        (a)   Starting Times – any Player late on the tee will be dealt with in accordance with the Rules of Golf (Rule 6-3). If a Player is disqualified under this Rule, he may play later if there are places available but only as a non-competitor.
        (b)   Competition entry fees will not be returned to entrants who withdraw unless there are exceptional circumstances. Entry fees should be paid promptly on receipt of the start sheet and no later than seven days prior to the event; otherwise the player(s) may not be permitted to take part in the event.
        (c)   Only fully paid-up Members or Life Members will be eligible to play in competitions. Members who belong to more than one Club may enter only from the Club through which they pay their subscription to the Association.
        (d)   All players participating in DMVGA events must possess a CONGU Competition Handicap.
        (e)   Discontinuance and Resumption of Play eg in the event of lightning. Rule of Golf 6-8 will apply.
        (f)   For the event to be deemed to be ‘a competition’ a minimum of two thirds of the field must complete their round of golf.