Hon Treasurer’s Report

The Hon Secretary’s report for the annual meeting of the DMVGA
at Tiverton on Thursday, October 12th, 2017. 

I have prepared two versions of Income & Expenditure Account, one to date and one an estimated projection to the Year End.

To date
Comparison to the end of year 2016 shows considerable increase in costs. Significantly in the purchase of merchandise, which was negligible in ’16, and over £2,500 more this year but included £1,000 for new designed Ties. However there is likely to be considerable ‘Stock in Hand’ at year end.

I would like to add, whilst on the subject of merchandise sales, that I find it unfortunate that Adrian has the responsibility of combining the post of the “Merchandise Officer” along with that of the “IT Officer”, given the enormous time and effort he has already contributed to this, and will be continuing to do so. I believe that A.N. Other member of the Executive Committee, who has no particular Office or responsibility, should take on this roll. It makes common sense that the workload is shared throughout the Committee. I trust this will be discussed at this meeting, maybe under AOB.

Given that the Hon Sec. Expenses also includes that of the Assistant Hon Sec it remains static. The cost of Vouchers up £375 to cover the new Winter Series to date and Golf Balls, even without any logo, are up £200. Hon Treas. Expenses and Committee Meetings are static.

There is a new section classed as “Administration” which covers WEB development, Auditor cost’s, and Stationary ( Membership cards/Compliment Slips etc.) some of these items have formerly been included in Hon. Secs. Expenses. It adds some £600 but is slightly misleading. Disbursements are increased by £200 to cover the additional Office of Assistant Hon. Sec.

Running quickly through the Matches and Competitions to date. The bi annual Home Fixture vs Kent contributed to nearly a £1,000 plus deficient . The match against the Juniors will produce a loss of some £800 . The new Winter Series a handsome £600 profit, but cost for the President’s Salver was up £1300. On the positive side, Sales of merchandise were up, membership on par.

Projection to Year End
This includes numerous unknown’s.
Hon Sec. & Assistant up to                                            £7-800+
Committee Meetings up to                                           £415
Comm.Travel to incl. 2day & Sub Comm.                   £1300+
Potential  loss on Capt’s Invite and Ladies match     £950 – 1000+

The loss on the year is likely to be in the region of £4,000. The opening Balance on Account in January was £7,656 which results in approximately £3,500 by year end. This figure has, in the past, represented an acceptable pre season balance.

As ever it is a case of “Swings and Roundabouts”, 2016 saw a profit of £3,800 and I see no reason to be over alarmed.

However, although I was not involved with the suggested estimates of costs of events for 2018, I would suggest that in order to ‘stay ahead of the game’, and based on the ever increasing costs of course facilities, food, merchandise, fuel etc.etc.  I would recommend there should be increases in income introduced for 2018. The Agenda shows some recommendations suggested by the Sub-Committee.

The  suggestion that the Membership Fee be increased to £3.00 per player I strongly support and proposed should be put to the AGM. That should reflect in approx £750 into account .

If Match Fees were increased to £15 per player (exempting the away fixture to Kent) it would represent a modest income of some £210 into account. At this stage , as Treasurer, I’m not in favour of then increasing this figure further. I believe there are times when raising numbers for Matches can be ‘challenging’ and it would be folly to add any discouragement. It has always been accepted that the DMVGA supplements the cost of the County matches and I believe this should remain so.  I would support an increase for 2018 to £15 per player.

Based on the number of entries in this year’s Competitions ( not including the Millennium Trophy ) if the entry fee’s was increased to £21 per player it would represent approx £800 into account. It is a minimal increase but generates a more substantial amount, and it is regularly remarked how ‘cheap’ competitions are at DMVGA – golf including a meal !!

I am not in favour of making dramatic increases in the various charges to our Members. Emerton Court’s principles should be maintained that we are not a profit making organisation but one to promote Senior Golf in a friendly and competitive manner throughout the County as economically as possible. I would, however, recommend an increase to £21 per player for the 2018 season.

The three increases I put forward would raise some £1900 +, which I feel would stem any anxiety, and allow consideration for items listed / not listed on the Agenda. I refer to New Flags/tablecloth etc. and the DMVGA having it’s own IT equipment. (Adrian may have some views on that )

Should it be necessary to amend any proposed Membership, Competition or Match Fees during  the forthcoming Year then I believe the Executive Committee has the mandate to make appropriate changes accordingly without reference to Members or an AGM.

I submit 3 Proposals:-

  1. Increase membership Fee to £3
  2. Increase Match Fee for matches to £15pp
  3. Increase Entry fee for Competitions to £21 pp

Finally, I once again draw the Committee’s attention to the late payment of Entry Fees to Competitions. It has been cause for concern for the past 3 years or so and has steadily been getting worse. The Hon. Sec. has to deal with last minute withdrawals etc., which may account for minimal amounts, but in a recent event nearly 19% of monies were paid on the day.

  1. We know monies are due one week in advance of any competition
  2. It is unfair on the Hon.Sec or Competition Organiser to have to chase monies on the day.

I suggest there has to be a much firmer approach. Club Reps must be made aware that there are penalties of some form in place to deter what basically is a lack of understanding in how much work is involved in running their Competitions.

I hope we can discuss this matter under AOB under 8.2 Reps Meeting, and come up with a clear directive at this meeting to prevent this bad habit continuing in 2018.

That concludes my reports and points of view.

David Bromage

Hon Treasurer