2018 AGM Minutes





1        Presentation of Trophies

2        The President, Peter Stuckey, asked that thanks should be extended to Stover GC for their course preparation, their catering and for the use of the facilities for the AGM – especially since it had been postponed from October.

3        Apologies for absence had been received from:- Ian Drawbridge (Churston); Derek Mott(Libbaton); John Leonard (Okehampton) & Chris Henderson (Tavistock).

4        Approval of the Minutes of the Forty Seventh AGM – these were approved.  Proposed by Ken Todd (Woodbury Park) and seconded by Charles Wray (Fingle Glen).

5        Matters arising – none from the previous minutes. 

6        Captain’s Report – attached.

7        Secretary’s Report – attached.

8        Treasurer’s Report – attached.  Proposed by Phil Keen (East Devon) and seconded by Mike Kirkham (Exeter) that the accounts be accepted.          Approved.

9        Election of Officers for 2018 – Proposed by Charles Wray (Fingle Glen) and seconded by Malcolm Tester (Teignmouth) that the following take office in 2019:- 

Stuart MacKerrell                      Dainton Park           President
Chris Henderson                       Tavistock                 Vice President
Phil Keen                                     East Devon             Captain
Adrian Granville-Smith             Saunton                  Vice-Captain
Harvie Taylor                              Stover                     Past Captain
Les Hartley                                 Tiverton                  Honorary Secretary
Bob Small                                   Tavistock                Honorary Assistant Secretary
Hon. Treasurer
Adrian Granville-Smith            Saunton                  Honorary IT Officer


It was noted that the post of the Hon. Treasurer is vacant; David Bromage the existing Hon. Treasurer is standing down but will continue in post until a new post holder is appointed.

10      Election of Auditors for 2019: Proposed by Adrian Granville-Smith (Saunton) and seconded by Barry Goff (Bovey Castle) that ‘David Roberts and Terry Blackler of Sidmouth’ be appointed.           Approved.

11      Election of Executive Committee Members for 2018 – 2020

Phil Keen (East Devon) and Ian Drawbridge (Churston) have both completed their 3 year terms as Elected Members; both Mike Kirkham and Stuart Martin are standing down.   There are, thus, 4 places to be filled.

Nominations – Derek Mott, Libbaton
Brian Gliddon, Holsworthy
Malcolm Tester, Teignmouth

Proposed by Ken Todd (Woodbury Park) and seconded by Adrian Granville-Smith (Saunton) that the above take their place on the committee.  Approved. 

David Grieve (Tiverton) to continue up to the end of 2019. David Grieve to advise the Committee on matters relating to the rules of golf and DMVGA rules and DMVGA Emerton-Court Rules. 

12    Any Other Business

12.1     Approval of revised DMVGA Rules –

Proposed by Ken Todd (Woodbury Park) and seconded by Charles Wray (Fingle Glen) that Rule 7c of the Association’s rules should now read: ‘Voting should be restricted to one vote per club attending the AGM’.


12.2      Proposed by Phil Keen (East Devon) and seconded by Barry Goff  (Bovey Castle) Rule 12b of the Association’s rules now to read:    ‘Competition entry fees will not be returned to entrants who withdraw unless there are exceptional circumstances. Entry fees should be paid promptly on receipt of the start sheet and no later than 7 days prior to  the event; otherwise the player(s) may not be permitted to take part in the event.’


12.3   DMVGA Emerton-Court Rules proposals –

 Proposed by Bob Stone (RND); seconded by Les Mugridge (Great Torrington) that Rule 5viii be changed to:-.

The use of a buggy, on courses where they are allowed, is restricted to players having a relevant medical condition verified by a medical certificate which must be shown to the opposing Captain. No other player may ride on the buggy or have their Clubs carried on it.’

12.4     Proposed by David Grieve (Tiverton) and seconded by Charles Wray (Fingle Glen) that Rule 9 iv be changed to:-

‘In the event of a club being disqualified during the course of the competition, the last club eliminated by the transgressor will be reinstated forthwith or, if part way through a match, the current opponents to go through to the next round.


12.5   Proposed by Mike Kirkham (Exeter) and seconded by Richard Walker (Staddon Heights) that Committees having spent many hours on DMVGA Emerton-Court Trophy Rules that, as from this 2018 AGM, there will be a 3 year moratorium on DMVGA Emerton-Court Rule changes.


It was noted that any changes to the Rules of Golf would automatically be included in the DMVGA Emerton-Court Rules.

12.6   The Executive Committee, being ever mindful of rising costs, suggested an increase in fees in one of the two areas for the 2020 season:-
An increase in the membership fee from the existing £3.00 to £5.00 or an increase in entry to fee to events from the existing £20.00 to £22.00.

There was a wide ranging discussion on this matter with people voicing support for one or the other of the two suggestions.  It became clear that an increase of £2.00 to the event fees would be preferable to an increase in membership fees.   The Executive Committee will discuss this at their next meeting in January 2019.

12.7    For information of all Reps and Members – DMVGA match fees will be increased by £1.00 to £16.00 in 2019, increasing by £1.00 per year to a maximum of £20.00 in 2023.

12.8      It was noted that the DMVGA 50th Anniversary Dinner will take place on Friday 30th October 2020 at Exeter Golf & Country Club. A range of high profile guests will be invited.  A maximum of 160 people can be accommodated at the dinner so the matter of whether partners will be included is yet to be agreed. Bob Small will be leading the team who will organise the dinner. Details will be released as and when they are confirmed.

12.9       A submission from Fingle Glen GC, voiced by Charles Wray, was put to the meeting:- ‘As CONGU/Golf England allow a handicap of 54, why are DMVGA restrictive to 28?’

Another wide ranging discussion took place with many different points of view being voiced. An informal show of hands showed that 20 supported the idea with 13 against.

Agreed that research will be carried out by circulation to Reps to establish how many veteran golfers with 29 + handicaps there are in the county and how many would wish to play in current DMVGA events.

Suggested that a new event might be considered for those with 29 + handicaps.

All for discussion at the next Executive Committee meeting.

13       Presentation of Ribbons of Office to President and Captain. Outgoing

President Peter Stuckey (Tiverton) presented the chain of office to incoming President Stuart MacKerrell (Dainton Park).

Outgoing Captain Harvie Taylor (Stover) presented the chain of office to incoming Captain Phil Keen (East Devon).

14       Presentations – Peter Stuckey made two presentations to officers who were standing down from their posts – David Bromage as Hon.Treasurer, who had been in post for 9 years, and Bob Small as Hon.Secretary who had been in post for 5 years. Both were presented with suitably engraved glass goblets. Both were also awarded with Lifetime Membership of the DMVGA.

There being no further business the meeting was declared closed by the President at 19.45.