Captain’s Report






Good evening Lady(?) and Gentlemen and thank you for attending the meeting.

I will keep this report as short as possible, no longer than 30 minutes I promise!   I will be covering matters concerning the golf and competitions in which we have taken part, during my year as  captain and leave the technical and political matters to Bob Small.

First, let me say that it has been a privilege and a pleasure to have been allowed to be your Captain during 2018.

The year started somewhat traumatically with the new secretary deciding that he no longer wanted the job or to be a member of the DMVGA just days before the AGM. We were very fortunate that Bob Small volunteered to stay on as secretary  for 2018 and Chris Henderson agreed to help him. That being said we went on to have a very successful year.

All of our competitions were very well supported with an average of 172 players at each competition. The golf was also (in most cases) of a high standard.

We had two very good and enjoyable matches against Cornwall and managed to beat them 17.5 matches to 7.5 matches and proceeded to get our hands on the trophy after a  spell of paucity in that respect.

We had a great visit to Kent, one of the highlights (depending on your point of view) was when our master of ceremonies, the vice president, decided to treat us to a fire practice at our hotel at 1130 pm. In spite of this we went on to beat Kent on their home course for the first time since 2006.   I thank all of you who played in these matches and helped bring home the Trophies.

The match against the Devon Juniors was won by the Juniors; no surprise there . They beat us 6 matches to 2 – congratulations go to Mike Jewell & Richard Jansen, John Hirst & David Wright and Richard Wilson &Graham Heamus who all held their own against the Juniors.   I must mention that Peter Hume and I managed to hold out until the 18th .

Many congratulations must go to Chris Henderson for introducing the Winter Series inter club competition. It has proved to be most popular and very successful. The 2017/18 series was won by Borringdon Park  (who have said they will donate a trophy for this competition).   The 2018/19 series is already under way and my sincere thanks go again to Bob Small for agreeing to organise this competition.

Now to the most important part of the report – our appreciation for those who give up their time and help make the DMVGA the successful and up to date Association that it is.

Our sincere thanks go to :

Our president : Peter Stuckey

Bob Small whose dedication and very hard work over the last five years has been paramount in making the DMVGA the success and high regard that it now holds and also to ensure that we have enjoyable golf.

David Bromage who has looked after our finances and ensured that we are always solvent. His face is a picture every time someone comes in with a two!

Adrian Granville–Smith who has brought us into the 21st century and ensures that we are always up to date with matters IT.

Before this becomes like the Oscars I will finish this section by saying thank you to all members of the executive and sub committees – please keep up the good work and remember that our aim is to provide good and most importantly enjoyable golf for our membe rs. Please don’t fall into the “change for change sake” syndrome.

Lastly my thanks go to the Club Reps and Club Members, without your help and support the DMVGA would not succeed.   I hope that we will continue to have the very useful and informative reps briefings.

I now wish Phil Keen all the  very best in his year as captain and hope that he enjoys his tenure as much as I did mine.

Thank you all very much.

Harvie Taylor.